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Helping you buy your system, come Rain or shine

by Matt Downs

Metal rainwater system stockist and online retailer Rainclear Systems reportedly can help with selecting, costing and buying your rainwater system.

The company are said to offer a free ‘Take-off’ from architect’s drawings to ensure you have a list of all the components you need, and using a rainwater flowrate calculator, will work out what size guttering & downpipes will be required on your project in your particular geographic location. Then Rainclear Systems can let you know the cost of buying all the components from them.

Rainclear Systems’ take off service means using the architect’s drawings from your project; new build, refurb or extension, to make a list of all the gutter lengths, downpipe lengths, fittings (corners and outlets) and fixtures (screws, nuts, bolts, and sealant) that you, or anyone else, will need to complete the project.

If you need a special colour or a bespoke item fabricated for your project, they can reportedly help with that.

And they have installation guides and videos available if you are installing yourself, or they can put you in touch with an experienced local installer.

Rainwater Systems will give an itemised quote and trade customers can apply for an account and their own terms.

The company can arrange fabrication of bespoke angles in aluminium or patterns to recast new cast iron hoppers to match the old.


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