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A cut above with SFS

by Jennie Ward

SFS has launched a new cost-efficient rail cutting service, “to ensure our service provides customers with the help and expertise needed to make each project as seamless as possible.”

SFS now offers a brand-new optimised profile cutting service as part of its tailored NVELOPE package.

Designed to further expand the successful NVELOPE offering, SFS’ new profile cutting service speeds up installation time on-site while also saving contractors time, excess waste and unnecessary costs.

Utilising data from the NVELOPE Drawing Overlay service, cutting requirements are optimised by selecting the most economical profile lengths for each application and cut using SFS’ ‘state-of-the-art’ cutting machinery to ensure precise measurements are delivered.

David Fraser, Business Unit Manager at SFS, commented: “The launch of our new profile cutting service will greatly benefit contractors both on and off-site. Building upon our NVELOPE integrated package, the profile cutting service is another efficient consideration designed to put the needs of the customer first.”

With the service available for all NVELOPE profile types, SFS’ rail cutting solution has multiple benefits, including:

  • Optimised material use – Efficient use of materials minimises consequent waste on-site and total cost 
  • Staged deliveries – Available at the customer’s request, SFS offers staged deliveries to better manage inventory on-site
  • Improved health and safety – With cutting carried out off-site, managers can help reduce the chance of accidents
  • Quicker installation time – Pre-cut rail deliveries ensure that time on-site can be dedicated towards installation
  • Predictable cost ­– Using SFS’ NVELOPE service, material cost and installation time can be better scoped in line with the project’s budget
  • Minimise noise from site – As more projects must begin considering the surrounding environment, the minimal noise on-site means installation causes less disruption to the community, especially in highly populated areas.

David Fraser continued: “At SFS, we want to ensure our service provides customers with the help and expertise needed to make each project as seamless as possible. Once the customer has passed across the project drawings, our technical team uses SFS’ overlay service to calculate the most cost-efficient rail cutting solution for each project. 

“We aim to complete within ten days, our additional NVELOPE consideration provides customers with the reassurance that their project is carried out using the best resources alongside the most efficient technology.”

To find out more about SFS’ new rail cutting service, please visit: https://uk.sfs.com/systems/nvelope/cutting-services

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