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A. Proctor Group enters the world of podcasts

The Proctor Podcast is hosted by A. Proctor Group Managing Director Keira Proctor and will keep listeners abreast of all things happening at the A. Proctor Group, as well as the latest construction industry trends, innovations and insights.

The A. Proctor Group is moving into the world of podcasting with the launch of ‘The Proctor Podcast’.

Hosted by Managing Director Keira Proctor and promising to discuss all things construction, the company says episodes are available on all of the usual podcasting platforms and each one features a blend of information, inspiration and entertainment, keeping listeners abreast of the latest construction industry trends, innovations and insights.

Having already reached new audiences through webinars, online round table events and a successful YouTube channel, the company says it is now exploring the possibilities of the audio format.

“Podcast listening is a very personal experience, with people choosing when, where and how they listen,” explained Keira Proctor. “As such, one of my aims with The Proctor Podcast is to help people get to know the A. Proctor Group better, with personal insights from our employees.

“Every day, I’m proud of the teamwork on display in the business, and our new podcast is the perfect way to share that with our listening audience. We want to explore the world of construction with our listeners, building knowledge and challenging opinion.”

The first episode of The Proctor Podcast delves into the world of modular construction with Will Jones, Head of Business Development and Adam Salt, Business & Development Manager. Will, Adam and Keira discuss all aspects of the technology, including sustainability, efficiency and design flexibility.

The company says The Proctor Podcast is easy to access and provides a flexible, on-demand approach to learning about the construction industry and A. Proctor Group products and solutions.

Find out more and subscribe to the podcast via the website: www.proctorgroup.com

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