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Actis joins LABC’s two new online roadshows

by Jennie Ward

Insulation specialist will be presenting its SAP training course at LABC’s virtual events in November and December.

Actis will be presenting one of its popular training sessions at LABC’s new virtual roadshows this month (Nov) and next.

The insulation specialist says it has played a key role in LABC’s real life technical seminars for the past few years, touring all over England and Wales sharing its CPDs on addressing the performance gap and how to be compliant, as well as a training course on changes to SAP.

But while Covid put paid to the face to face events, LABC is now sharing its construction knowhow with builders, architects, specifiers and building control officers online.

Its first virtual roadshow takes place on Wednesday November 18th from noon until 1.30pm and, while it is online and thus not geographically constrained, is aimed at construction professionals in Surrey and Kent.

There’s just time to get in another session before Christmas, with those in Merseyside and Cheshire invited to a similar event on Wednesday December 16th.

Actis’ contribution will focus on how insulation can be used to meet revised SAP requirements, while other experts will talk on issues such as damp protection for the concrete beam industry and acoustic failure.

Actis says SAP, the basics, how it’s changing and how insulation will need to adapt is full of in-depth, technical detail and looks at all elements which need to be taken into account when undertaking a calculation under the updated SAP 10.

The Standard Assessment Procedure – used to work out the predicted energy use and emission rate of a dwelling – assesses how much energy will be used, how much of it will be lost or gained, how efficient the home is at retaining heat, and ensures minimum fabric energy efficiency requirements are met.

The module looks at how a building’s energy efficiency is quantified by offsetting heat losses against heat gains and examines the eight areas which have been updated under the new, revised SAP 10.

It highlights changes to default y-values and reminds developers of penalties for those who don’t consider heat loss through building junctions.

It also looks at how one of the likely changes to Part L will include a requirement for photographic evidence to confirm that the completed work matches the as-built energy performance.

It also illustrates how the scrapping of the old Accredited Construction Details means architects depend more on product specific details supplied by manufacturers such as Actis to ensure as-built SAP is as close to what was predicted at design stage.

The free seminar will also provide insight into the latest news on building regulations and compliance.Reserve your place for the November event here and for December’s here.

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