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Actis sales rise as socially distanced building sites seek quick and easy to use products

by Jennie Ward

Insulation specialist says its products are becoming even more vital as sites struggle with fewer staff.

Actis says it has seen rising demand for its products over the past few weeks as building sites look for ways to maximise productivity while ensuring their staff remain safe and compliant.

Social distancing measures are making firms look at new ways of ensuring they can produce the homes the country needs with a smaller workforce on site at any one time.

Buzzing wristbands which alert the wearer when colleagues get too close made the headlines last week, and many sites are staggering working hours to spread headcount across the day.

Actis says its products, already well known for being quick and easy to install, are becoming even more vital as sites struggle with fewer staff. 

It says its honeycomb insulation Hybris is around 30% quicker to install than solid alternatives, and is very easy to use effectively, even for the less experienced tradesman. Actis says this means the time saved can be used for more complex jobs, and frees up the most highly skilled workers to carry out other activities.

Actis says it can also easily be carried and installed by just one person which is perfect in a world of social distancing. And, aside from its benefits in the current situation it is also dust free, requires no specialised tools and offers a very impressive thermal performance.

For those new to the product, Actis has produced a  number of bitesize how to videos which can easily be viewed on site on a phone or tablet which look at how it, and its sister products, can be used in various scenarios. And for those interested in taking a more holistic approach, two 40 minute CPD modules are available via Zoom.

Actis UK and Ireland Sales Director Mark Cooper said: “With 86% of construction sites in England and Wales now open, there is a huge determination to get building again. Maintaining social distancing and having fewer people on site at any one time is a particular struggle for the building industry. So any tool, product or method which can help them be as productive as possible while staying safe and not falling foul of the law has to be seriously investigated. If elements of the build can be carried out quickly, easily and safely then that has to be a good thing for everyone.”


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