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All eyes on green roof sector with #WGRD2024 on the horizon

The organisers of World Green Roof Day have announced this year’s theme is Energy, and are urging people and companies to plan now and get involved with in-person events and through #WGRD2024 on social media this June

June 6th has established itself as a key date globally in the green roof calendar, with the sector and champions of green infrastructure coming together to celebrate and raise awareness of green roofs on World Green Roof Day.

Chris Bridgman (left), of Bridgman & Bridgman Living Roof Services, who also co-launched World Green Roof Day, provides a tour and presentation on a green roof.

Launched by green roof experts Chris Bridgman and Dusty Gedge, World Green Roof Day is now in its fourth year, and has reached more than 60 countries since the inaugural event, with individuals and companies from Brazil to New Zealand, and Norway to South Africa getting involved!

“We’re sure #WGRD2024 will be the biggest yet”

Discussing this year’s event, Chris explained: “Every year World Green Roof Day expands its reach, bringing together the global green roof sector supply chain, and raising awareness of green roofs and the crucial role they play in reducing the impact of climate change and biodiversity challenges facing the built environment.

“This year’s theme is Energy, from generating power in combination with green roofs, in the form of solar panels or wind turbines, to human energy, including running, cycling, yoga or even food growing and beekeeping. We encourage participants to share case studies, ideas, videos and photos on World Green Roof Day using hashtag #WGRD2024. 

“We’ve seen over 62 countries join the celebrations to date, showcasing projects, sharing green roof stories across social media, and hosting in-person events and rooftop tours. We’re sure #WGRD2024 will be the biggest yet!”

Get involved on June 6th and find out more about World Green Roof Day: www.worldgreenroofday.com

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