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Always look and feel the part on projects with 365

by Jennie Ward

Ballyclare has launched its 365 workwear collection for construction professionals.

In a move which sees workwear specialist Ballyclare make its extensive expertise available to a whole new range of customers, the company has unveiled an exciting new collection of high-quality general workwear. The new Ballyclare 365 collection includes a wide range of garments, all of which have been designed to meet the needs of workers across construction.

“Ballyclare has been manufacturing technical performance workwear which is practical and comfortable for well over 100 years, and we’ve earned a solid reputation as a key supplier of specialist garments to customers in such areas as fire, rail, the M.O.D. and the emergency services,” explained Roger Foster, Sales and Marketing Director. “We’ve now used the tremendous experience we’ve gained to design and develop the new 365 range of technical workwear, which makes the traditional Ballyclare qualities of durability, comfort and functionality available to a huge new range of customers.”

Included in the 365 range is a wide variety of functional everyday wear for both men and women, including polo shirts, t-shirts, softshell jackets, hoodies, fleeces and cargo trousers. Each garment is designed to provide outstanding performance in all situations, whether worn indoors or outdoors, and they are available in black, navy or charcoal colour combinations.

“We’ve invested considerable time and energy into developing a range that really does satisfy everyone’s needs,” added Roger. “For example, the cargo trousers are offered in stretch, lightweight and hard-wearing versions, to suit different needs. Like all the 365 garments they have been designed to provide total freedom of movement, which allows the wearer to rely on a practical and comfortable fit, no matter whether they are standing, bending, crawling, stretching or kneeling.”

The garments all bear the Ballyclare hallmark of outstanding quality, which stems from the care and attention to detail that have gone into their creation. Taking their design inspiration from a diverse range of sources such as sports clothes and streetwear trends, Ballyclare also integrated the latest high-performance materials and technology into the 365 range. YKK zips plus CORDURA STRETCH and rip-stop fabrics used on various garments, while the Active Vaporise System fabric of the polo and T-shirts creates efficient moisture dispersal and high breathability for maximum comfort.

Outer layer garments provide excellent protection against wind and rain, YKK zips are selected for outstanding reliability and longevity, and potential stress points in some of the trousers are reinforced with bartacks to give added durability. Various garments are completed with other practical features such as top-loading CORDURA knee pockets and concealed wallet pockets.

“A huge amount of work has gone into the creation of the 365 range,” explained Roger. “We will be adding accessories to the range in the future, such as belts, socks, hats and knee pads, so no matter what the job in hand is or what your individual needs are, you can be sure that our new 365 garments have got you covered.”


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