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Avoid injuries with KneeGuard system

Hard-working craftsmen and women put immense pressure on their knees, which is why the risk of knee injuries is far higher among trade professionals and manual workers than in other occupations.

Snickers Workwear’s Trousers come with KneeGuard, an innovative, fully certified knee protection system.

The company has 86 different types of work trousers in multiple sizes to suit a host of different trades and jobs on site – plus eight different types of Kneepads.

Together, they deliver hundreds of work trouser and kneepad combinations to effectively deal with different types of knee impacts; the amount of time working on knees; and individual needs for personal protection.

The design features of both the work trousers and kneepads deliver flexibility when you walk, yet they close around your knees when you kneel down – to prevent your knees from sliding off the kneepad when moving around on the floor.

So, when you’re seriously considering long-lasting knee protection, look for the Snickers Workwear KneeGuard system – tested and certified for performance, efficiency and protection to deliver comfort and wellbeing day in day out.


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