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Basildon Estate customised with Kooltherm

by Matt Downs

A newbuild estate of bespoke modular houses is enjoying the thermal performance of Kingspan Kooltherm K110 Plus Soffit Board.

The Beechwood West estate in Basildon forms the first step in Swan Housing Association’s 10-year development plan. The new neighbourhood of 251 family houses is designed to bring affordable, custom-built homes to the commuter centre.

Pollard Thomas Edwards has created a variety of designs that buyers can choose from. Once selected, the modular homes are constructed at scheme partner NU Living’s factory.

Swan Housing Association hopes to reduce the operational CO2 emissions of each of its properties to 2.6 tonnes per year by 2021. This will be achieved by taking a fabric-first approach to the construction of new homes and implementing retrofit measures on existing properties, such as replacing boilers, windows, doors and roofs. Kingspan Kooltherm K110 Plus Soffit Board was specified for use in the houses with recessed entrances to effectively insulate the spaces above.

The product is part of Kingspan’s K100 range of rigid insulation boards, which achieve a thermal conductivity of 0.018w/m2K across all board thicknesses. This allows the target U-value to be met with a slim thickness of insulation, ensuring the aesthetic integrity of Pollard Thomas Edwards’ contemporary designs could be maintained.

Installers are able to simply cut the lightweight boards to size with a fine-toothed saw and install them within the modular buildings ready to be transported to site.

Kingspan Kooltherm K110 PLUS Soffit Board is produced at Kingspan Insulation’s Pembridge manufacturing facility and certified ‘Excellent’ to the demanding BES 6001 responsible sourcing standard. It is manufactured with a blowing agent that has zero Ozone Depletion Potential and low Global Warming Potential.

Photo credit: Swan Housing Association

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