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Battery and inverter solutions added to Marley’s PV offering

The manufacturer has expanded its renewables portfolio with the introduction of its easy to install, high performing battery storage and hybrid inverter solutions, complementing the Marley SolarTile system, and helping contractors diversify their offering and grow their businesses.

As roofing contractors look to maximise revenue opportunities and build business via ongoing demand for sustainable solutions, Marley has further extended its renewable technology system with the launch of new and easy to install hybrid inverter and battery storage products.

Now available alongside the company’s established integrated solar PV full roof system, the addition of the ES G2 Hybrid Inverter, combined with the new Lynx Home U Series Battery solutions, can be complemented by a Clearline EV Charging Point to provide contractors with a single source solution, to deliver a comprehensive roofing and renewable technology package that offers power from the roof, through the home, to the road for end users.

Combined solution

The new low voltage lithium battery, as an energy storage option, is compatible with the new ES G2 Hybrid inverter – a compact and highly efficient inverter designed to supplement rooftop solar PV systems, such as Marley SolarTile, allowing end users to optimise and store energy from a sustainable source via the roof. The ES G2 Hybrid inverter provides an AC output range from 3.6 to 6.0 kWh, whilst the battery offers a 5.4 to 32.4kWh wide capacity range. 

Above: Marley’s battery and inverter.

Quick and simple installs

For contractors, Marley says installation is quick and highly flexible with the hybrid inverter’s compact design meaning it can be positioned out of sight in cupboards or loft spaces, and both the battery and inverter come with IP65 protection for safe outdoor installation if required. The manufacturer points out quick install turnarounds are also supported thanks to the pre-wired inverter which saves busy contractors time when working on projects.

Ideal for residential applications, Marley says the battery and hybrid inverter combination is ideal for households who want to be less exposed to fluctuating energy costs, better manage their energy needs and access renewable energy. 

For installers who are faced with a retrofit project where solar PV has already been specified on the roof and homeowners want to increase their energy storage options, Marley is also providing its Clearline Single String Inverter solution, which it says is designed to complement energy generation scenarios where the use of battery storage is unnecessary. Marley says the inverters allow users instant energy utilisation or the option to seamlessly export surplus power back to the grid.

Daniel Redfern of Marley commented: “We are delighted to aid contractors by bolstering our renewable technology system through the introduction of high performing battery storage and hybrid inverter solutions. Fully complementing the Marley SolarTile – the UK’s first fully integrated solar roof panel, and EV charger – the complete renewable system solution supports contractors looking to assist customer demands for a more sustainable and energy efficient future.

“The new additions to our expanding renewables portfolio are further evidence of Marley’s ongoing commitment to supporting contractors to grow business opportunities, while also meeting customer demand for solutions which can increase the energy efficiency of their homes.”

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