Home Insulation Baumit research shows that more homeowners are switching to External Wall Insulation

Baumit research shows that more homeowners are switching to External Wall Insulation

Research by Baumit indicates that homeowner awareness and use of External Wall Insulation (EWI) is the highest that it has ever been.

Around 31% of homeowners are now aware of the benefits of external wall insulation, according to an Ipsos survey commissioned by Baumit in March this year.

The findings come at a time when energy bills over the last two years have been the highest ever recorded.

The reason for the growing awareness of EWI is that more homeowners are looking for effective ways of improving energy efficiency.

According to the Ipsos survey, 35% of homeowners now say that energy efficiency is the main reason why they choose to carry out improvements.

Baumit will be commissioning an annual survey to track awareness of EWI and homeowner sentiment when it comes to improvements.

John Harrup, Head of Marketing at Baumit, said: “Although the findings are encouraging and demonstrate that energy efficiency is a major consideration for homeowners, there is still some way to go in the ‘Fabric First’ mindset.

EWI is a great way to offset energy price rises and futureproof homes for any volatility in costs over the coming years. However, the survey shows homeowners are twice as likely to consider replacing the boiler or fitting solar panels before ensuring the house is not losing heat through the walls.”

John added: “Breathable external wall insulation is one of the most effective ways of improving a home’s energy efficiency without losing internal living space. That is important because when it comes to selling a house, square footage and running costs are extremely important in both adding value and attracting potential homebuyers.”

As well as creating energy efficient homes, Baumit breathable external wall insulation creates beautiful buildings where people want to live.

A good example is Kings Knoll, a 1930’s Art Deco, Grade II-listed building situated on the River Deben in Suffolk. The family home was transformed using Baumit EWI, while retaining the original architectural features. The property now benefits from a 100mm Baumit Wood Fibre EWI system to improve the energy efficiency. It was finished with Baumit SilikonTop, Life Colour 0879, also known as Ceramic White.

Baumit Breathable EWI also creates healthier homes by allowing moisture generated from everyday activities such as cooking and bathing to escape to the outside. This reduces mould growth and with it the airborne detritus that it produces.


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