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Cedral Roofs brings together Eternit’s quality with Cedral’s innovation

by Jennie Ward

Eternit slates are now Cedral slates as part of the ‘Cedral world’

The Cedral world has grown with the introduction of Cedral Roofs and the addition of Eternit slates to its range of products. 

Cedral Roofs brings together Eternit’s quality with Cedral’s innovation, continuing as the UK’s most experienced fibre cement slates company.

An integral part of homes across the UK for over a century, Eternit slates have deep-rooted history and heritage and have been putting roofs over heads for decades. Cedral, which is part of the Etex Group says it will continue to offer the strongest fibre cement slates in the market.

Jayne Arkell, Country Manager, Etex (Exteriors) UK, said: “At Etex we want to offer one strong company for all construction and architectural needs. Cedral is our brand dedicated to the entire house and we are committed to driving the industry forward by developing beautiful, affordable and environmentally sustainable building products.” 

Rivendale Slates

There are four key product ranges of slates from Cedral Roofs, all tough enough to withstand the most volatile weather conditions, whilst providing complete design flexibility.

Cedral Rivendale slates are designed to reflect the qualities of natural slate. Available in Blue-Black or Cromleigh Graphite, Rivendale slates have a beautifully textured surface and dressed edges.

Cedral Birkdale slates have a smooth surface and dressed edges, offering a traditional and pleasing look of a natural slate at an affordable price.

Also in the range are Cedral Thrutone Smooth and Thrutone Textured which provide square cut edges with a smooth or textured surface. Both offer aesthetically pleasing results and are particularly suitable for complex roof geometries. 

Cedral Roofs customers can expect the same high-quality products and dedicated customer service, with local managers across all corners of the UK, as well as a dedicated technical advisory team. The Cedral team is on hand to support customers through every stage of their project.

Take a look at the Cedral Roofs fibre cement slate range and some of the incredible projects they’ve been used on here.


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