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Colour trend sparks new cladding & roofing range

by Jennie Ward

A move towards more aesthetically pleasing agricultural, industrial and warehousing buildings has seen Onduline launch its ONDUPLAST COLOUR offering.

A trend towards more visually pleasing warehousing and industrial and agricultural buildings has seen Onduline Building Products launch a colourful new cladding and roofing solution.

ONDUPLAST COLOUR is an opaque fibreglass sheet with a special polyester film that gives the sheet a surface level of protection to ensure high resistance to bad weather.

Available in red, grey and green, it is simple to install and carries a 10 year weather proof guarantee when correctly installed to recommended Onduline installation guidelines.

Greg Hissey, Onduline Technical Sales Manager, said: “Requirements in roofing materials have changed, and architects and specifiers are being increasingly asked to find solutions that are aesthetically pleasing while being mindful of the environment.

“ONDUPLAST COLOUR not only looks good, it requires no specialist tooling for installation and its light weight optimises transport costs.

“It is a flexible system that adapts to any architectural style and the materials used for both the panels and the accessories do not present any health hazard.”

As well as coming in a range of pleasing colours, Onduline says ONDUPLAST COLOUR has good technical strength, excellent wind upload properties and is highly chemical resistant.

Greg added: “While it is brand new it has the ease of installation that is associated with our products when you use traditional Onduline accessories and fixings.”

As well as being suitable or the industrial, commercial and agricultural sectors, Onduline says it can also be used for DIY projects such as car ports and cladding for garden outbuildings.


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