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Complete waterproofing system requires no mixing

Flat roofing products supplier Flex-R has introduced LQD-PUR, a liquid waterproofing system for professional roofing contractors.

LQD-PUR is a complete roof waterproofing system. Based on a single-component polyurethane, the system is applied as a basecoat and topcoat, incorporating chopped strand mat reinforcement. It has been awarded BBA Agrément Certificate 21/5904, which states the system will provide a durable waterproof covering with a service life in excess of 20 or 25 years, depending on the specification chosen. LQD-PUR has been tested over a range of typical build-ups for both flat and pitched applications and can be installed to achieve BROOF(t4).

Suitable for many refurbishment and newbuild projects, the single-component formulation means no mixing is required, and can be applied straight from the can with a brush or roller. A range of primers are available to enhance adhesion to a variety of substrates. LQD-PUR is available in light grey and dark grey. The colours are interchangeable, but applying one as a base coat and the other as a topcoat can assist the contractor in achieving the required coverage rates. LQD-PUR is only supplied to Flex-R’s specialist registered installers, who attend training at their in-house facilities, and on-site when their projects are underway. This approach allows the contractors to relate the products to the project. The system can be installed in temperatures from 5°C.


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