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CUPA PIZARRAS crowns its ‘Best of the Best’ for 2022

Edinburgh-based Compass Roofing fought off tough competition from around the world and showcased their slating skills and attention to detail in a video submission that garnered the most interaction, and saw them crowned ‘Best of the Best’ 2022!

Following the final heat of its ‘Best of the Best’ Competition 2022, CUPA PIZARRAS has crowned Compass Roofing – its UK entry – as the ultimate global champion. 

The event, which has been hosted by CUPA PIZARRAS for the last two years, showcases talent in the roofing industry from around the world. In the initial round, held at the end of last year, four national champions were selected to represent the best in the business from the UK, France, Belgium and the ‘Rest of the World’. 

The UK champion, Edinburgh-based Compass Roofing then went head-to-head with the three other national winners – Girard Couverture from France, L’art-Doisier from Belgium and Folke Norgaard from Denmark – to crown the ultimate ‘Best of the Best’. A video submission from each of the contractors, showcasing their skill and expertise was posted on the CUPA PIZARRAS Instagram channel and the video with the most likes was selected as the winner. 

“The team at Compass Roofing not only display skill and precision when working with natural slate, but they also do a lot to showcase the craft and promote high-level, quality work in the industry via their social media channels,” commented Hannah Wall, UK Marketing Manager at CUPA PIZARRAS. “No doubt their loyal following helped them to take the crown, along with the excellent slate work they displayed in their video.”

Compass Roofing will now receive a trip to the CUPA PIZARRAS headquarters in La Medua, Spain, the location of the company’s slate quarries. 

“We’re really pleased to have won ‘Best of the Best’ 2022 – it is a fantastic accolade and a real confidence boost for the team,” commented Scott Miller, General Manager at Compass Roofing. “CUPA PIZARRAS slates are our preferred slates to work with as the quality is consistent, they are easy to sort and grade and they lay really well to leave a great finish. We are looking forward to visiting the CUPA PIZARRAS quarries to see where the slates we’ve been using for so long have come from.” 

On their social media success, Scott commented: “As slating is a craft that requires such precision and skill, it seems to interest a lot of people online. We’ve had comments and questions from all over the world in response to our videos and it’s been really interesting to learn about the slating techniques used in other countries. It’s also helped to raise our profile and allow us to show our customers who we are and what we can do.” 

The other UK finalists were Maidstone Roofing, Prentice Roofing, RBC Roofing and Ryan Edgar – all of which were commended for their skill with natural slate.

To find out more about the competition and how you can get involved this year, click here or email jhernandez@cupapizarras.com.

Head over to roof-tube to view the full video.

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