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CUPACLAD project acts as a showcase in East Anglia

CUPA PIZARRAS has installed a range of CUPACLAD rainscreen cladding on the Cambridge Country Club building in Cambridgeshire. Not only did this meet the requirements the club had to maintain its attractive façade, but it was also a chance to create a stunning showcase, allowing architects based in East Anglia the chance to see a range of CUPACLAD designs.

The Cambridge Country Club is situated in the countryside location of Bourn, Cambridge, and features an extensive 18-hole private golf course, luxury spa and function space. Recently, the club needed to replace a stretch of timber cladding that was no longer looking its best with a more durable cladding solution that would maintain its finish.

CUPA PIZARRAS’ CUPACLAD rainscreen cladding was suggested by the site’s contractor Roof Brothers. The installation not only provides an eye-catching feature wall as part of its overall façade but it also provides an ideal East Anglia location to see the standard CUPACLAD designs in a stunning environment.

CUPACLAD is a ventilated natural slate rainscreen cladding system suitable for use on both contemporary newbuilds and traditional renovations. BBA certified, the solution has an incredibly low level of water absorption and is very resistant to high winds, impacts and fire, as it is classified A1 non-combustible. It is also easy to install, maintenance free and will retain its colour and sheen throughout its 100-year lifespan.

The CUPACLAD 101 system – showcased at the country club – uses invisible fixings to ensure that the slate is the main design feature. Easily installed using stainless steel nails, the 101 range includes 101 LOGIC, which reflects the traditional overlapping roof slate arrangement, 101 RANDOM that combines different sizes of slate to generate a creative and dynamic composition, and 101 PARALLEL, which can be used to create a homogeneous finish through its use of aligned joints. A system with visible fixings – CUPACLAD 201 – is also available.

Victor Wakefiled, Company Director at Roof Brothers, said: “We would definitely recommend the use of CUPACLAD to clients looking for a straightforward but highly effective cladding system. The installation is easy and in terms of design, I believe the 101 RANDOM is the most effective and eye-catching.”

Trevor Mansfield, local Technical Sales Manager at CUPA PIZARRAS, added: “This is a brilliant collaboration that now allows architects in this part of the UK to see CUPACLAD in all its splendour and in a truly beautiful location.”

CUPA PIZARRAS will be hosting a CPD at the Cambridge Country Club on 26 March 2024. To register your interest please click here.

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