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Dakea issues free guide to installing roof windows

by Jennie Ward

The roof window company’s latest fact sheet is available to download from its website.

As part of the company’s monthly Trade Matters campaign, Dakea, a leading manufacturer of roof windows, offers installers and homebuilders expert advice to help them grow and improve their business.

Dakea’s latest Trade Matters downloadable fact sheet is a guide to helping installers advise clients who are having their home’s loft converted into new space. 

Recent research undertaken by Dakea revealed that a huge 76% of clients ask their Dakea installers for advice on choosing roof windows, so the smart window company has brought together all the information they need in one place. 

Dakea says there are proven rules of best practice when it comes to ensuring loft conversions are filled with light and air, and the free guide will give installers all the information they need to ensure their clients achieve the loft conversion of their dreams. 

The key areas covered in Dakea’s latest Trade Matters downloadable guide include: 

• The benefits of a loft conversion: all the reasons why it’s a good idea for installers’ clients to consider having this project completed.  

• How to ensure homeowners get enough light flooding into their loft conversion.  

• Achieving the right ventilation in your attic conversion.  

• Ensuring the new attic room is energy efficient.  

• All the facts around roof windows in loft conversions that installers should know. 

• Why choose Dakea roof windows for your clients’ loft conversion?  

Download the Dakea Trade Matters guide to roof windows in loft conversions here.


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