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Diversify & conquer: liquid waterproofing isn’t just for roofs

by Jennie Ward

Victoria Ramwell from cold-applied liquid waterproofing specialist, Kemper System, explains how the versality of liquids is creating more opportunities for contractors, enabling them to diversify into new sectors.

Victoria Ramwell, Kemper System.

The liquid roofing and waterproofing industry has grown rapidly over the last decade. What was once considered a niche sector, is now thriving. One of the main drivers behind this growth is an increasing awareness of the versatility of liquids and their ability to meet complex demands across both refurbishment and new build projects.

In addition to roofs, cold-applied liquids are frequently used for balconies, walkways and car parks, and increasingly, for more bespoke, specialist projects. This is enabling contractors to widen their client base and apply their skills and knowledge across a broader range of sectors.

Flowing smoothly
A recent project carried out by roofing contractors Ron Robinson Roofing has demonstrated this versatility, and how roofers can use their skills and liquid systems to diversify.

As part of a multi-million-pound refurbishment, a new fountain was designed for a luxury hotel and wedding venue in the North East. Built from scratch, the fountain is the centrepiece of a courtyard adjoining the ‘Great Hall’ at the Maften Hall estate located in Northumberland.

The architects for the hotel’s refurbishment required a waterproofing solution which would ensure longevity and complement the traditional design of the new structure.

Kemperol 2K-PUR met the architect’s brief of providing a waterproofing solution which would ensure longevity and complement the traditional design of the new structure.

To meet the brief, Ron Robinson Roofing recommended Kemperol 2K-PUR for the project. The cold liquid-applied product allows same-day application and was suggested as an alternative to a glass reinforced plastic (GRP) membrane.

The resin was applied to the substrate and a flexible reinforcement fleece then laid directly onto the wet resin, immediately followed by more resin on top.

The resin then cured to form a seamless, elastomeric waterproof membrane that cannot delaminate, is UV stable, and bonded directly to the substrate.

To enhance aesthetics, a traffic coating was applied on top of the membrane. This polyurethane-based surfacing system provides a long-lasting protective wearing coating and is available in a variety of colour blends. To meet the architect’s design requirements, the coloured quartz ‘grey mixed’ finish was selected.

Realising benefits
As well as offering an aesthetic finish for fountains of all shapes and sizes, a cold-applied liquid solution has a quick curing time making the installation process very efficient. The use of a roller means the resin can be quickly applied around detailing such as light fittings and drains, further improving efficiency. The risk of disruption is minimised, and the client can be assured of a vapour permeable membrane that is both durable and tear-resistant.

A further benefit of 2K-PUR is that it is manufactured using a material which is sustainably sourced offering a more environmentally-friendly solution. As it is solvent free, this also eliminates the risk of any chemicals potentially contaminating the water in fountains.

Technical support
Contractors looking to use their skills for more niche projects, should seek advice from a trusted liquid waterproofing manufacturer. Even if a liquid has been used many times before, it may not be the right solution for the brief.

A manufacturer should be able to provide the appropriate technical support and guidance pre and post installation, and ensure the most appropriate solution is developed.

If a solution is specified by the manufacturer, this should only be installed by trained, independent contractors whose operatives have completed specific product training. At Kemper System, this means the quality and performance of the waterproofing system is backed by a range warranties, of up to 20 years.


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