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Don’t fall victim to tool theft

Van drivers and tradespeople are being urged to keep equipment safe after figures show £98 million worth of tools have been stolen from tradespeople.

The team at Lease Van have revealed which tools are most commonly stolen across the UK, and are urging tradespeople to keep their vehicles locked up.

Tools thefts have been on the rise yearly, with incidents being reported every 12 minutes during 2023.

The data shows 44,514 thefts were reported to the police last year, with the value of the stolen tools amounting to £98 million.

This also has a knock-on effect on workers trying to earn a living, with tradespeople losing an estimated £82 million worth of jobs in 2023 due to stolen equipment.

In the year before, the total value stolen was £66 million, with powered hand tools topping the list as the most sought after by thieves. 

The experts warn drivers to be on high alert, as 38.5% of these tools were stolen directly from vans.

Powered hand tools, standard tools, mechanical hand tools and building materials are all being actively targeted by criminals. 

Tim Alcock, motoring expert at Lease Van, said: “It’s extremely alarming to learn that £98 million worth of tools has been stolen and the number seems to only be increasing every year. We want to warn van owners they must take extra precautions in order to keep their equipment and vehicle safe from thieves who are actively targeting commercial vehicles. 

“If you must keep equipment in your vehicle overnight, make sure to install extra locks on your van. Park in a safe spot overnight, if possible in view of a camera for extra security. Sensitive vehicle alarms can also help to deter criminals. 

“We also advise never to leave tools unattended, even during the daytime, as there may be a thieving opportunist waiting around the corner to make a quick steal and sale.”


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