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Export positivity as market turns increasingly global for EJOT Colorfast

An innovative roofing and cladding fastener developed by EJOT in the UK more than 30 years ago, and now on its third generation, is becoming increasingly popular with contractors around the world.

Specifications of EJOT Colorfast, which has become a go-to solution in the UK roofing and cladding sector where a colour-matched self-drilling fastener is required, are growing strongly in countries including Australia, New Zealand and the US, as well as in the Caribbean and southeast Asia.

In Australia and New Zealand alone, a steady increase in sales volumes of the FM Approved fastener range has been tracked, with the growth in cold storage applications and insulated panels helping to drive demand here.

Feedback received by EJOT UK indicates that many contractors in locations like Australia are adopting new approaches to the design and installation of the building envelope in response to changing building standards, while also being able to achieve improved aesthetics and extended design goals.

According to Ben Gallant, Export Sales Manager at EJOT UK, the trend reflects a changing cultural shift in how buildings are constructed, with a greater adoption of insulated panels, driven by European influencers, an increased focus on adhering to globally recognised standards such as FM Approvals, and a need to demonstrate supply chain integrity.

Ben said: “If you take the Australasian market as just one example, things operate differently to Europe and the UK in terms of building technology, largely due to established ways of working. But the market is changing. The most recent updates in the building regulations give sustainability a much higher priority and that means specifiers are increasingly choosing insulated panels for the envelope, as well as seeking assurances on long term performance.”

One of the factors in Colorfast’s growth may be the influence of contractors who have emigrated from Europe in recent years, taking with them to their newly adopted countries their ways of working and preferred products – which embraces EJOT’s brand strength and product ranges such as Colorfast.

It is a product that is becoming increasingly appealing to cope with the vast range in climatic conditions experienced in countries like Australia and New Zealand, whether in hot or cold locations. Many sites in regions like these present demanding conditions for the building envelope, amplified by the fact that the buildings serve a vast majority of the population who live and work in coastal areas.

As in the UK, Colorfast is also helping contractors in other parts of the world to meet higher thermal standards due to the consistency of the seal above the sheet, maximising the insulation levels that the panels are designed to deliver within the building. Couple this with the head’s reliable UV stability to maintain lasting visual aesthetics and optional stainless steel screws for enhanced corrosion resistance, and it is a product with multiple benefits.

“Our initiatives to highlight best practice, both for installation tools and correct procedures, are making an impression overseas as well as in the UK,” added Ben. “For example, we are seeing contractors now making seal testing an integral part of rooftop inspection prior to any additional penetrations that may follow structural completion.

“We like to think being able to offer this kind of practical support makes a real difference, particularly for contractors who are new to Colorfast. They are the ones who can get into the seal testing routine more easily as they don’t have an old habit to break!

“The way we are set up also means that our overseas customers have a strong, direct relationship with the UK team, which gives us the ability to tweak Colorfast for certain customers and create bespoke versions. And, through our global logistics programme we are able to offer dependable supply despite the distance, as well as provide all the technical support, advice and guidance to help our customers succeed.”


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