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FIREPRO range receives added X factor

by Jennie Ward

ROCKWOOL has expanded its FIREPRO range with the new Silicone X which can be used for Type X external applications.

Insulation manufacturer ROCKWOOL has added to its FIREPRO range of specialist fire protection products with Silicone X. 

The new ‘Type X’ silicone sealant is suitable for linear joint seals in walls and floors and for external and internal applications across a range of substrates. 

ROCKWOOL has created Silicone X to offer a multi-application fire resistant sealant to the construction market. As well as providing up to four hours fire integrity* in accordance with BS EN 1366-4:2006, FIREPROSilicone X has been categorised as Type X in accordance with the applicable European Assessment Document (EAD), meaning it is suitable for external applications including those exposed to weathering. 

Silicone X is a one-part neutral curing sealant that creates a permanently flexible silicone rubber with a movement capability of ≤ 7.5%. Both CE marked and UL-EU certified, Silicone X is suitable for linear construction joints of up to 60mm and can be used to reinstate the fire resistance of rigid floors and rigid and flexible walls formed by multiple substrates. It can also provide a cold smoke seal.

“Silicone X provides a flexible, fire resistant sealant in more ways than one,” explained Paul Barrett, Head of Product Management at ROCKWOOL UK.

“As well as its proven fire performance and a flexible seal, Silicone X can be used across a broad spectrum of substrates – and both internally and externally – meaning professionals get greater versatility from a single specification.

“We’ve also worked to improve the environmental impact of the product and specifically, its packaging,” added Paul.

FIREPRO Silicone X is available in 310ml cartridges that contain 30% recycled content, giving a striking black design. These cartridges are also being rolled out across the entire FIREPRO sealant range including its FIREPRO Acoustic Intumescent Sealant and FIREPRO High Expansion Intumescent Sealant.

The inclusion of post-consumer recycled content in FIREPRO packaging is part of the company’s wider focus on closed loop production processes, which saw its UK factory send no stone wool insulation waste to landfill in 2021. Globally, ROCKWOOL has a target of reducing its total production waste by 85% by 2030.

To access more information on Silicone X, including the product datasheet, visit rockwool.com/uk/silicone-x. For further details on the wider FIREPRO range go to rockwool.com/uk/firepro

*subject to application

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