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Free CPD webinar focusing on hot works from NFRC and FPA

by Jennie Ward

NFRC and Fire Protection Association event will take place at 10am on Thursday 22nd October. Find out more and register for your place… 

The Fire Protection Association (FPA) says one of the biggest risks facing contractors in the roofing industry is roof fires caused by hot works, which includes grinding, welding and torching, on construction and refurbishment sites leading to millions of pounds worth of damage each year. 

As a response to these concerns the Fire Protection Association, the UK’s national fire safety organisation, will be joined by the National Federation of Roofing Contractors to deliver a free to attend webinar specifically for those responsible for fire safety during refurbishment and roofing works of any building.

After a growing concern within the industry over the number of roof fires caused by gas torches the National Federation of Roofing Contractors felt something had to be done to mitigate the dangers. During the webinar the NFRC will discuss their Safe2Torch initiative which they launched in July 2017. The Safe2Torch guidance identifies where it would be considered that a torch applied product is appropriate and where such products should be avoided. The guidance is further supported by a Safe System of Work (SsoW); pictorial checklists and training module. 

The FPA cover fire safety during hot work in a broader setting and best practice.

As two of the leading associations in this area of work, this free to attend webinar with CPD from the IFE is not to be missed by those working in roofing, construction, facilities management, health and safety and fire safety.

Recommendations will look at key aspects of property protection when hot work is being carried out and factors that could cause a fire to spread rapidly due to inadequate preparations. Advice will be relevant to all structures, buildings and areas where construction will take place, however the focus will be on roofs and CLASP buildings due to their higher risk and a number of large loss fires taking place this year. 

The organisers say this event will provide the following learning outcomes:

1. An understanding of the risks associated with hot work.

2. Ability to identify control measures that can be adopted to minimise risk of fire when undertaking hot work.

3. To know where to access further guidance and support.

The webinar will take place at 10:00am on Thursday 22nd October and delegates can register for the event via the FPA website: https://www.thefpa.co.uk/events/webinars/keeping-a-roof-on-fire-safety

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