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Free webinars to help access three major frameworks in London and the South East

by Jennie Ward

LHC London and South East is hosting a series of free webinars on 20th and 22nd July to help public sector clients access the roofing, fire door and modular building frameworks.

A series of free webinars is being held this month to help public sector clients – including local authorities and housing associations in London and the South East – access three major frameworks, which include new and improved schemes to support the procurement of roofing work, vandal-resistant access controls and fire door installations, and a £250m modular buildings framework.

Public sector procurement experts LHC London and South East is hosting these events on 20th and 22nd July. 

Attendees will have the opportunity to speak to LHC’s technical experts regarding the scope of the frameworks, as well as to help understand the range of local companies pre-vetted by LHC and the call-off procedures to get projects started.

Ethan James, acting regional manager at LHC London and South East, said: “These three frameworks being launched for our region address three of the biggest areas of interest and concern for many of our public sector clients.

“Roofing Systems (RS4) is one of our biggest and most successful frameworks and will now offer even more workstream lots. The new C8 framework for doors and access control is also likely to be very popular in the light of councils’ efforts to improve security and fire safety in so many of their properties.

“The Modular Buildings framework (MB2) is another agreement that is going to be much in demand, covering the design, supply, and installation of both temporary and permanent modular buildings such as schools, hospitals, emergency services and other community buildings. It’s an easy way for many local authorities to access low risk forms of MMC.

“Each one of our frameworks has been designed to ensure it addresses all the current needs of local authorities and their communities, and aims to deliver high quality products, practices, and access to local, pre-approved suppliers.”

Sign up to LHC’s free webinars by registering on the links below:

Roofing Systems (RS4) – 20 July, 9.30-10.30am. This unified framework has replaced two previously separate agreements for pitched roofing and flat roofing. It provides an enhanced offer by adding more workstream lots than ever before. These consist of traditional flat roofing, liquid system flat roofing, profiled metal roofing, traditional pitched roofing, and mixed roofing.

Communal Doors, Entrance Doors and Associated Products (C8) – 20 July, 11.30am -12.30pm. This new framework features additional and improved options with six specific lots covering composite and timber doors, both fire and non-fire rated, communal entrance and exit doors in steel, aluminium and timber, and access control. It is ideal for a range of buildings including multi-occupancy residential, education, local government, police, and fire authority buildings. 

Modular Buildings Framework (MB2) – 22 July, 10-11am. This has replaced an extremely successful framework that enabled more than £100m worth of projects to be delivered across London and the South East. The new MB2 framework is designed to provide a full turnkey solution for all non-housing-related modular public building projects.

To see all the currently available framework guides, visit: www.lhc.gov.uk/Frameworks/

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