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Freefoam helps key partnership homes reduce wastage

by Matt Downs

Businesses are looking increasingly to play their part in reducing waste and operating more efficiently, and the housebuilding industry is working to meet these challenges throughout the whole construction process.

There are three basic strategies for dealing with waste: reduce, re-use, and recycle. Waste reduction is the ideal solution, identifying possible waste streams early on in the build process. Scheduling and estimation play a big part, as better communication between building professionals to ensure exact calculations of materials can mean that waste is prevented at source.

At the Key Partnership Homes site, Freefoam supplier Willmott’s of Reading, identified that the standard five-metre cladding board would be uneconomical and an inefficient use of materials during the specification process.

George Petts, Willmott’s Business Development Manager, explains: “With many of the units requiring three metre lengths, we quickly estimated that a six-metre cladding board would work much better for this development and reduce waste considerably. We work closely with Freefoam and, with the volumes specified for this site, they were happy to manufacture this bespoke order.”

The first 25 properties of the 224-unit site have now been completed, featuring Freefoam Fortex embossed cladding and white roofline range.  The mix of affordable rent and shared ownership tenures, built on behalf of Paradigm Housing Group, features the popular Double Shiplap board in Argyll Brown on both house and apartment units alongside white PVC fascia and soffit.

Freefoam’s Commercial Director, Colin St John, adds: “Listening and responding to the needs of our customer is part of our DNA. As responsible manufacturers we were delighted that on this occasion we were able to support our customer to make a significant contribution to the reduction of site waste. This project is just one more example of how Freefoam are willing to work in partnership with our suppliers and house builders to adapt products that will meet the needs of all parts of the supply chain and deliver long-lasting sustainable benefits.”


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