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Further space for Elite Fasteners thanks to new facility

by Jennie Ward

Move to larger facility in the north-east of Walsall enables the construction fastener and fixings specialist “to expand what we can offer to meet our customers’ individual needs.”

Elite Fasteners, the Walsall-based construction industry fastener and fixings supplier, has moved to a new facility in the north-east of the city.

The company says the new site on Kingsway South has a larger office and warehouse to support  its commitment to customer care delivered by a close-knit team. 

“Our staff are so important to us, so it really matters that we provide them with a safe, spacious place to work from,” explained MD Kate Davis. “The new facility gives us the increased space to grow our team, while supporting our current members of staff. This helps us all achieve our potential and deliver for our clients by providing great customer service and processing orders both quickly and carefully.”

Further, Elite Fasteners says the new warehouse allows it to hold more stock, increasing availability and decreasing delivery times so the team can enhance their commitment to meeting their customers’ needs, plus provides improved access to delivery vehicles for swift, reliable order dispatch.

Elite says the site also means there’s more opportunity for the team to create their bespoke components, which are designed and manufactured for clients needing a specific component for their individual project needs.  

“The move isn’t to celebrate the success of our company,” added Kate. “Instead, it’s to allow us to expand what we can offer to meet our customers’ individual needs. We value every single order and treat it with care, so we’re proud that we’ve become known for our high stock availability, bespoke customisation service and our friendly, supportive team. Therefore, a larger site that helps us better-support our customers is a hugely welcome move for us.”

Elite Fasteners provide bespoke and off-the-shelf fixings, fasteners, tapes and adhesives, tools and accessories, specific fixings and more for the construction industry.

Request your free brochure by visiting www.elitefasteners.co.uk and connect with Elite Fasteners  on Linkedin.

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