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Growth across Ireland for Kalzip’s foldable aluminium range

by Jennie Ward

QBM supplies Kalzip’s foldable aluminium range which is renowned for its sustainability, aesthetics, quality and reliability.

With a long-standing reputation for delivering leading roofing and facade systems to the construction industry, QBM says it is leading the way with the growth of the Kalzip foldable aluminium range across Ireland. 

Guaranteeing the ultimate in quality and reliability, Kalzip foldable aluminium meets the highest standards in terms of performance and design for the realisation of roofs and facades which are both functional and visually fascinating.

Kalzip’s sustainability focuses on aluminium itself – a material that can be recycled as often as required and has sufficient reserves. It makes a significant contribution to protecting buildings effectively over decades against external influences, and to maintaining their value in the long term. Thanks to its durability and excellent recycling properties, three-quarters of the aluminium produced worldwide to date is said to still be in use.

Kurt Wittrock, a leading architectural firm, designed a private residential property utilising the Kalzip system. The dark facade made of Kalzip Ltd Foldable Aluminium in Dark FalZinc harmonises with the materials used and contributes to the  modern architectural design of this building. The pre-weathered surfaces of the Falzcolor metal roofing range retain their noble appearance and protect buildings even in the event of strong environmental influences.

Today, after 50 years, Kalzip says it is proud of its long history and its involvement in numerous impressive buildings, such as the football Stadium the “Stadio delle Alpi”, in Turin, which was opened in 1990, the “Barajas Airport” in Madrid with 232,000 square metres of Kalzip profiled sheets, and the “King Abdullah Airport” with a roof area of 350,000 square metres. 

Kalzip gained worldwide attention in 2016 when the sarcophagus for the damaged Chernobyl nuclear power station was clad with 168,000 square metres of Kalzip sheets produced in stainless steel.

Today, Kalzip’s foldable aluminium range in Ireland is supplied by leading Irish roofing supplier QBM, who is delivering the high-performance roofing systems to commercial and residential developments across Ireland and the UK. Talk to their team of technical experts today about specifying Kalzip on an upcoming project. 


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