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Hands-on assistance on site

by Jennie Ward

Kevin Brannigan, Marketing Manager at Makita UK, discusses some of the handy tool belt and pouch solutions for roofers and trade professionals, which he says offer the ultimate access and convenience when working at height.

Utilising tool belts and pouches can help roofers and other trade professionals safely and securely transport tools to and from the van and around the work site with increased functionality and flexibility, as well as reduce the need to make countless and unnecessary trips up and down ladders.

At Makita we offer a wide range of work belts and pouches, all inclusive of 3L Technology, a unique three-layer combination of polyesters and foam, to provide additional cushioning and improve user comfort.

Roofer’s Pouch
Several of our pouches are designed with certain sectors in mind: For roofers specifically, the E-05153 Roofer’s Pouch has been designed to ensure users are able to keep important tools and accessories secure at all times, regardless of where they are.

This pouch has two pockets for keeping nails and screws to hand, three leather tool holders for larger hand tools and three elasticated holders for screwdrivers or pencils. The main feature is the side gate hammer holder enabling you to secure a hammer in place quickly.

Above: E-05228 Ultimate 3-Way Hammer & Tool Holder.

Another option is the E-05228 3-Way Hammer and Tool Holder, which can be carried attached to a belt and also either front or pack pocket on workwear trousers. The unique design also allows the pouch to remain vertical wherever you are, enabling your tools to remain securely in place for when you need them.

Add the E-05206 Zip Top Pouch.

Consider adding the Zip Top Pouch (E-05206) to your tool belt. This sits on any Makita belt and can safely and conveniently hold two Makita batteries so that work doesn’t need to pause for recharging cordless tools, which is especially convenient when working at height. The zipped design keeps the batteries secure and prevents any on site dust damage and the extra pockets and sleeves are ideal for nails, parts, pencils and other essentials.

Customised tool belts
To get the most out of our pouch solutions, we recommend investing in one of our specially designed trade tool belts.

The E-05321 Ultimate Padded Belt with Belt Loop.

The Ultimate Padded Belt with Belt and Loop (E-05321) is the perfect base to build a customised tool belt set. It is extremely robust with rivets for unbreakable strength, the belt includes D-rings for accessories and is compatible for use with supporting braces, for extra heavy loads when required. The belt is also padded for user comfort and durability. Users can customise belts further using Makita’s multi-purpose heavy-duty Belt Loops (E-05309) to hang anything with a carabiner.

It’s now also possible to add specially-designed solutions for additional items that you want to keep to hand, such as mobile phones. For this, our Ultimate Smartphone Holder (E-05583) is suitable to fit most modern devices. Featuring multiple lining layers of polyester, foam and soft air mesh material to withstand all conditions, the zipped pouch provides extra protection for your mobile phone on a building site, reducing the likelihood of damage.

For further reassurance and increased product rigidity, all of Makita’s pouches feature Anti-Slip Technology, which is used on all friction points and pocket edges, to tightly grip tools stopping them from sliding around and keeping them securely in place to help prevent accidental falls.

The useful and long-lasting range provides a practical solution for roofers looking to foster on-site productivity gains and flexibility. What’s more, solutions provided in the collection are modular by nature, and can be added to over time, as demands change.


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