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Insulating Britain’s buildings – how supplier relations is helping to create energy efficient properties

Actis is a long-standing partner of Minster and has been supplying effective insulation to the UK market for over 25 years. Minster Technical Services Manager Coral Morgan and Maria D’costa, UK Marketing Manager at Actis, discuss how their strong relationship is benefitting projects and how, by working collaboratively, they are helping to forge a more efficient and sustainable built environment. 

In the modern built environment, materials distribution is about more than just getting products from A to B. It’s about b being a solutions provider; offering technical expertise, understanding the products supplied and determining how each solution can benefit the performance of a building.

To deliver this support, specialist distributor Minster is focussed on fostering strong relationships with market-leading brands throughout the supply chain; providing the products, expertise and support its customers require when developing new buildings and homes.

Coral said:Building regulations stipulate U-values, which measure heat loss through construction elements such as walls, windows, roofs and floors, as a means of creating more energy-efficient, comfortable properties. The standards apply to new buildings and retrofit projects and for housebuilders and developers meeting required U-values is not only a matter of meeting building regulations, it is about demonstrating good building practice.

“’Performance exceeding compliance’ is a sentiment we increasingly hear on-site. It recognises that building regulations are only a minimum standard and that compliance is only half the battle in building for the future. Energy efficiency requirements will only get tighter, and as the Future Homes and Future Buildings Standards come into effect next year – the focus on insulation will become stronger. Couple this with consumer demands for more efficient and sustainable homes, and the effects could be profound. However, by their very nature, the structure of regulations doesn’t promise a holistic approach to design and specification and with a myriad of systems, products and methods of insulating homes available on the market, finding the right solutions can be a challenge.”

Working Together

Coral continued: “This is where having strong relationships with the supply chain can really help. Occupying a unique position in the market – connecting people and products – our job is about more than just stock and delivery. Contractors, developers and project managers rely on our expertise to support specification – expertise we can only gain through supplier collaboration. 

“Our partnership with Actis is a prime example of this approach in action. Last Year, Actis launched its new innovative Eolis HC reflective insulation. Ensuring our teams were equipped with all the necessary knowledge and expertise to get it specified, the Actis team engaged with us, delivering toolbox sessions and other technical training initiatives to Minster branch and sales colleagues. This has enabled us to better understand the product, its technical capabilities and design intent. All of which support better, more robust specification.”

This sentiment is echoed by Actis who, as insulation specialists, are driving the new standards with innovative systems, Maria said: “Our goal is to create safer, more efficient and more sustainable homes. We’re really excited about Eolis and the benefits it brings to projects and we want others to share our passion too.

“Innovation is only as good as the information around it. To increase the likelihood that as-designed performance is realised on-site, ensuring the correct information reaches specifiers and developers is essential. Our partners are what drives this. As much as we’d like to, we can’t be on every site and in front of every customer. That’s where we rely on the good word of our distributors and merchants to get the right information across. When questions come up on-site, or contractors make technical enquiries, our partners are our biggest advocates and to this end, we must hold up our end of the deal. Training sessions, datasheets and technical support are all fantastic ways to add value and help our distributor and merchants get our products into buildings. 

“Minster is the perfect example of what this model can look like. Welcoming us into their business we have delivered excellent training sessions across its entire branch network. They aren’t afraid to ask questions and bring projects to us if further technical detail is required. That’s so important and is the only way we will achieve more as an industry. The relationship works brilliantly and ultimately means that projects end up with a better, more robust specification. That can only be a good thing.”


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