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Insulation developments in 2021, a retrospective

Insulation developments in 2021, a retrospective

Whilst there have been no ‘earthshattering’ moments in the world of roof insulation in 2021, there have been many small changes that are impacting the market.

First and foremost is the ongoing price and availability issues, something that has impacted the entire construction industry and beyond. As we look into 2022 there are encouraging signs that prices will stabilise and start to reduce in the second quarter of the year. Likewise, availability is on a similar trajectory to normality of supply around the same period.

The impacts of the Grenfell tragedy continue across the industry, and QI are certainly seeing an increased requirement for non-combustible insulation boards in both warm and inverted roof constructions. This is mainly being led by the demands of clients’ insurers, but some clients are following this path of their own volition. The non-combustible warm roof offerings from both ROCKWOOL® and FOAMGLAS® have become a much bigger part of QI product sales, as has explaining to customers that not all products from these manufacturers carry an A1 or A2-s1, d0 classification to BS EN 13501-1.

One of 2021’s big market changes was the introduction of FOAMGLAS® INVATHERM™, the world’s first non-combustible inverted roof insulation board, a product that the NHBC endorsed in the Autumn and one that is currently undergoing BBA certification.

June 2021 also saw the publication of a document that is important to the flat roofing market; the NFRC/LRWA/SPRA Guidance Document Changes in Regulations and Approved Documents Relating to Fire Safety For Flat Roofs on ‘Relevant Buildings’ in England. One of the key elements of this document was the clarification of the requirement for non-combustible insulation boards on upstands, and if you do not already have a copy dear reader, QI would encourage you to download it from our website here.

In the October 2021 edition of this column we discussed the importance of certification, and QI were pleased to see the issue of the BBA Certificate for Ravago XPS X ULTRA 300 SL in July as this ensures that all our inverted roof insulation products are either BBA certified or have certification in process, something we see as key to enabling us to support our customers with compliance requirements.

All that remains is for all at QI to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year – and talking of the New Year, if you are looking for an opportunity to join a successful and growing business, and you are based in the South of England, we may have the opportunity you are looking for. 

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