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Keep food at the right temperature on site

HiKOKI Power Tools has launched the UL18DBA Cordless Freezer, Cooler and Warmer – a versatile, portable food storage box designed to help tradespeople keep food at the best temperature on site.

The UL18DBA Cordless Cooler and Warmer allows users to set the temperature anywhere from -18°C to +60°C across 17 different settings, preserving a wide range of perishable food and beverages in any weather conditions. 

With a 25-litre volume that can fit 15 500ml bottles, the cooling box can be partitioned into two separate temperature zones, with a maximum temperature difference of 60°C between compartments – ideal for simultaneously cooling and warming different items according to specific needs.

It can be powered by 18V or Multi Volt batteries, a power outlet or an in-car 12V/24 V power supply. When connected to a power supply during operation, the batteries can be conveniently recharged. There are two USB ports for charging portable devices and a DC 12V socket which can be used as a power supply for 12V devices. 

The UL18DBA Cooler and Warmer is portable with a carry handle and wheels, and it also comes with a comprehensive five year warranty, subject to terms and conditions.


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