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Keeping an eye on safety

by Jennie Ward

Hellberg Safety has launched a new range of safety eyewear which includes all-new specialist safety glasses and goggles.

Renowned for its hi-spec PPE that includes advanced hearing protection products, face protection and communication solutions, Hellberg Safety has launched a new range safety eyewear.

With a wide range of street-smart styles – from basic to premium – the new range ensures a consistently clear line of sight and safe vision for professional tradesmen and women wherever they’re working on site.

Built with lightweight, durable materials and specially developed lens technology, the eyewear provides complete protection and comfort throughout the working day, and can be easily combined with other PPE including ear defenders, safety helmets, and visors.

With a focus on enhanced safety in all conditions, Hellberg glasses and goggles have impact-resistant lenses with anti-scratch and anti-fog coating on both sides and there are styles that can be worn over prescription glasses.

Around the lens, the ergonomic design incorporates practical features like a soft nose bridge and ‘adjustable temples’, ensuring the glasses stay in place and fit safely, which enables you to keep your focus all day long. 


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