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Langley introduces new PU liquid waterproofing

Langley has been supplying high-quality systems for more than 50 years, and has now developed the Langley PU liquid waterproofing system as part of its commitment to high-quality sustainable and long-lasting products.

Langley PU is a solvent-free, low-odour polyurethane coating system comprised of primers and liquid-applied membranes. It is compatible with a huge range of accessories, rooflights and sustainable solutions, and is designed to be suitable for both sensitive and occupied buildings such as schools and hospitals.

It provides monolithic, flexible, durable and long-lasting protection. As with all liquid systems, the practicality and flexibility of installation by brush or roller solves problems associated with long-term waterproofing, where there is significant plant or complex detailing.

All Langley’s systems are accredited and tested to the highest standards, with the Langley PU system having been approved by the British Board of Agrément, with a durability statement of 30 years.

Langley offers guarantee lengths of 20 and 25 years, and the new liquid technology allows the application of a 25-year system in just two coats. This significantly decreases installation time compared to many other liquids in the market, where a three-coat system may be required.


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