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Leadoo launches in the UK


Leadoo, the Finnish lead generation martech company, is launching its interactive chatbot in the UK. It believes it will generate an average of between 30 – 100% increase on lead conversions for businesses in the building trade and that the timing is perfect for those who want to increase sales in uncertain times. 

Whilst most chatbots have up until now focussed on providing customer support, Leadoo has taken this a step further, using chatbots to take better care of website visitors, turning them into leads which can also include increasing online sales.  This helps overcome the challenge of average website conversion rates being between just 0 and 1%.

“Leadoo brings website content alive! Our chatbots activate passive website visitors, who represent over 90% of all traffic, by providing a two-way conversation between the visitor and the site which converts them into leads”, explains founder and CEO Mikael da Costa. “In our experience in other markets in Europe, we find that all aspects of the building trade including tradespeople, suppliers and merchants can benefit from our bots.”

We believe it’s the perfect time for us to enter the UK and achieve a return on the investment that businesses have already made in their websites.  The building trade spends an enormous amount of time, money and energy attracting visitors to their sites only for them to lose interest – for every 100 visitors, less than one would typically convert.  We are going to help UK businesses overcome this challenge” continues da Costa.

Leadoo believes it can help any company in the building sector looking to convert leads, the only requirement being that they have enough website visitors to make it worthwhile.  It’s then a matter of ensuring that the interactive help matches with a visitor’s thoughts and expectations, which makes it twice as likely they will convert into a lead. 

Depending on an individual company’s requirements, Leadoo can implement a number of different bots including ModalBots, VideoBots and InpageBots, the latter being hugely successful in converting visitors into leads as InpageBots sit as a natural part of website content and do not distract or interrupt the visitor.  InpageBots have a 6x higher engagement rate than traditional chatbots as they ask just the right questions at the right place and time. 

Leadoo aims to keep its processes and customer service as simple and responsive as possible and aims to have a client signed up and working in two weeks. There are three packages starting from £399 per month (annual contract) for use of one of the Leadoo bots (Modal, Chat or Video for example).


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