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by Jennie Ward

Makita has launched two Efficut Metal cutting saw blades – the Efficut Metal 136mm or 150mm for general purpose metal cutting, and the Efficut Metal 136mm or 150mm for stainless steel and thin metal cutting.

The Efficut Metal saw blades are specifically designed for greater efficiency when cutting metal with a cordless circular saw. Makita says it affords improved cutting speeds 1.6 times faster than their standard blades for metal, and 1.7 times faster than their standard blade for stainless steel, enabling operators to achieve higher levels of operational efficiency.

The new range of blades incorporates ‘chip breaker style’ saw tips to provide excellent chip ejection. The tips, which are made of cermet, are strong and remain stable when cutting, even when impacted, reducing the risk of breakage.

The tips have been set to a specialised varied pitch and arranged so that the load on the blade tips can be distributed evenly and efficiently, while keeping the saw blade stable when under pressure.

The thin 1.1mm Kerf produces less resistance during operation to reduce drain on the battery, providing up to 1.6 times more cuts when compared to equivalent standard saw blades. Operators can work for longer, with more cuts per charge when paired with Makita 18V LXT metal cutting saws.

Kevin Brannigan, Marketing Manager at Makita UK, said: “We’re delighted to further innovate within the Efficut range with the release of additional products that offer more reliability for tradespeople. The new Efficut Metal Saw Blades provide more cuts per charge and faster cutting times, without compromising durability or precision.”


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