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Major milestone for Building Safety Bill

by Jennie Ward

The Building Safety Bill has received Royal Assent and is now Act of Parliament, with Peter Baker calling on everyone involved in the construction and management of buildings to “step up, get ready for the changes.”

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has announced that today, 28th April, the Building Safety Bill received Royal Assent. 

This means the Bill has completed all the parliamentary stages in both Houses and now becomes an Act of Parliament. 

The HSE says this is an important milestone, paving the way for the organisation to build a more rigorous and robust regulatory regime for high-rise buildings in England.  

Peter Baker, Chief Inspector of Buildings said: “The Building Safety Act introduces tough new measures for the safety and quality of buildings which will be enforced by the new independent regulator being established in HSE.

“I call on everyone involved in the design, construction and management of buildings in England to now step up, get ready for the changes, and work together to drive the necessary culture change to protect people and deliver safe and good quality buildings”

Get ready now 
In a statement, the HSE explained: “We’re already working with residents and industry to make sure everybody has a voice, understanding what information and guidance people will need so everybody can do the right thing.  

“Industry now needs to play their part in making buildings safer.  

“As designers, clients and contractors, you will need to collaborate to comply with building regulations and build good practice for managing information about the building – you will need to share this with each other so you can demonstrate how a building will remain safe when occupied.  

“Because Planning Gateway One is live, design is being challenged – designers need to respond to the good practice that is being established so standards are raised at the start of the building’s life cycle.  

“Anyone who still holds onto the idea that building safety is something that can be left to the later stages of design and construction needs to change their thinking. Good building design starts well before the planning stages and carries on right through so that buildings are safe to build and safe to live in and use. “Those who manage high rise buildings need to start understanding what a safety case is and examine whether the safety measures in place need strengthening to properly protect residents.”


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