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Malvern Scaffolding and UKSSH bring car park back to life

by Jennie Ward

Re-surfacing work on a rooftop shopping centre car park can present some major challenges, not least a complete encapsulation involving some 2,500m2 of lightweight covers – the equivalent to 13 full size tennis courts.

Securely tying down these shelters involved complex discussions with scaffold designers, structural engineers, scaffold contractors and specialist subcontractors to design six separate shelters. Not only did they have to ensure the roof would accept the kentledge load, but the shelters had to line up with the falls to the new drains, and some of the shelters had to be bolted to existing steelwork on the parapet.

Main contractors Sir Robert McAlpine chose Malvern Scaffolding for the job, as Roger Smart, Robert McAlpine’s Central, Wales and West Regional Chief Engineer explains: “The personal attention to detail and proactive involvement of Malvern Scaffolding’s Directors, right from the initial phone call, gave us confidence that they could make this work for us. They have proven to be a technically proficient, highly reliable and forward-thinking sub-contractor whose commitment to overcoming obstacles on site has been crucial to the smooth running of this project.”

Malvern Scaffolding is an expert in the temporary cover field and holds stocks of the HAKI 750 shelter system. For this project, the company designed a series of covers providing an internal workspace with a 14.6m clear span.

The various methods of anchoring and kentledge packs were carefully designed and executed.

Throughout the negotiation period, Malvern kept key suppliers UK System Scaffold Hire (UKSSH) in the loop, as it was likely that the bulk of the cover system would have to be hired in for the job.

UKSSH were willing to invest in whatever stock was required for the contract. Although originally working to an agreed four-week lead time, when this was halved to two weeks, UKSSH came up with a ‘just in time’ schedule to keep the job rolling along.

Gary Griffiths, Managing Director of UKSSH explains: “In all, we made 20 delivery runs to site and our site support team worked with Malvern Scaffolding to ensure things were kept to programme. 

“At UKSSH the focus is always on customer support – our success is reliant on our customers succeeding, so all our efforts go into supporting that ethos. We are proud to be associated with a highly professional outfit like Malvern Scaffolding.”

UKSSH specialises in providing access solutions using HAKI System Scaffolding. Its service includes design, product development, training and hire for a wide range of projects including ones requiring public access staircases, public access bridges, loading towers, suspended scaffold, temporary shelters and temporary buildings.

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