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Mobile Training Centre brings EWI, Render and Plaster systems to merchants

Baumit has developed a new Mobile Training Centre for its External Wall Insulation (EWI), Render and Plaster systems.

The Mobile Training Centre is now open for bookings from merchants and tradespeople looking to discover more about the company’s breathable products and services.

The Baumit Mobile Training Centre is fitted out with space for practical demonstrations, meaning it provides similar hands-on application experience to that of the main Baumit Training Academies in Maidstone and Doncaster.

Attendees have the convenience of learning about Baumit EWI, Render and Plaster skills in their local area, which means less time is spent away from their business.

Attending a training session offers customers numerous benefits. This includes becoming a Baumit-approved installer and being able to issue 10- or 25-year system warranties.

Other benefits involve gaining an understanding of EWI best practice and receiving expert advice and ongoing support from the Baumit team.

John Harrup, Head of Marketing at Baumit UK, said: “Our new Baumit Mobile Training Centre complements our two Academies in Maidstone and Doncaster, while offering a scaled down version that still provides local, hands-on learning. Our aim is to ensure Baumit customers have the utmost confidence when it comes to ordering and applying our EWI, Render and Plaster systems.

“We encourage any merchant, stockist or contractor looking to learn more about these products to get in touch. Bringing training to where customers need it most will be a real game-changer for them. The combination of our best-in-class-trainers and practical demonstrations gives those who attend new skills that will help them drive their businesses forward.”

With recent increases in UK energy prices and demand for more sustainable building solutions, Baumit training is being welcomed by customers looking to increase their business in thermal performance upgrades with homeowners, local authorities and social housing providers.

Baumit External Wall Insulation offers property owners significantly improved energy efficiency, which, along with Baumit Render and Plaster, also offer all the benefits of being breathable. This allows moisture from inside the building to escape, creating a much more comfortable, healthier indoor environment.

Attendance at the Baumit Mobile Training Centre costs £100. The one-day Advanced EWI Training Academies at Baumit in Maidstone and Doncaster cost £200. Following payment, customers are issued with a credit voucher for the full amount to be used against future Baumit purchases.

Places at both the mobile EWI Training Centre and Academies are in demand. Customers should check availability and book via www.baumit.co.uk/training

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