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New Director for Sempergreen Trade

by Jennie Ward

Stephan Beerends will be responsible for the strategy and policy development of the Green Roofs and Ground Cover business unit in Europe for Sempergreen Group, and is looking forward to playing his “part in making the world a little greener every day.”

The Sempergreen Group has appointed Stephan Beerends as Director of Sempergreen Trade. 

Stephan Beerends, Director of Sempergreen Trade.

Stephan will lead the Trade division within the Sempergreen Group and will be responsible for the strategy and policy development of the Green Roofs and Ground Cover business unit in Europe. The Group says in this role he will translate the strategic course into daily practice.

Due to the strong growth that Sempergreen has experienced in recent years, the international Sempergreen Group has changed its top structure with effect from 2021. A management layer has been added under CEO and Founder Corné van Garderen. This management team heads the four newly established divisions and the Group says with the arrival of Stephan Beerends, the management team is now complete.

With the large amount of knowledge and experience that Stephan Beerends brings with him, the Sempergreen Group is confident that Stephan has the right qualities to manage the Sempergreen Trade division. A strong growth ambition has been expressed for this division with regard to the sales and marketing of Green Roofs and Ground Cover in Europe. 

Beerends aims to achieve this by further strengthening the current foundation of the European sales and marketing organisation. In addition, he wants to make optimal use of the mutual cooperation between the four divisions within the Sempergreen Group to create synergy.

On behalf of Sempergreen, Beerends will also work as a member of the WGIN EU Chapter within the European Union to improve the current and future quality of life and to combat the consequences of climate change. Beerends explained: “The current climate issues require future-proof solutions. Sustainable construction and the development of green infrastructure are evident here.” 

In addition to talking to governments about the need for a climate-resilient society, the e-commerce branch also falls under the responsibility of Beerends.

Sales and Marketing are the common thread within Beerends’ business career. After his education at the University of Groningen, he was able to develop in the media and TV industry, where he fulfilled various commercial roles for ten years. Subsequently, entrepreneurship was the next desired career choice; Beerends was partly responsible for the marketing of a technology start-up. A new adventure followed with setting up the Benelux office of a global marketing agency. After a short stay in the e-bike lease market, Beerends decided to switch to Sempergreen.

Within his position, Beerends says he is driven by innovation, creativity and an entrepreneurial attitude. With a clear customer focus, Beerends strives to achieve ambitious objectives, such as the (re-) structuring of processes and further digitization. The Sempergreen Group says Beerends works as a connecting factor and is quickly able to create trust and establish partnerships. Building a loyal and stable team will be the basis of delivering consistently reliable results within Sempergreen Trade.

Beerends concluded: “In the coming period I will focus on getting to know the processes and realizing the first improvements in efficiency. I want to understand the market well and build a broad network. Above all, I will enjoy this wonderful opportunity in a fantastic company, where I can do my part in making the world a little greener every day.”


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