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New Etorch MAX from top innovators Imperial Thermal Engineering 

Award-winning innovation company, Imperial Thermal Engineering has done it again with the launch of the new Etorch MAX.

The all-electric Eseries range of products designed to offer an eco-alternative to using LPG for roofers, announces its latest evolution of the range, a more powerful version of its Etorch3. The Etorch MAX offers four applications in one machine. It dries, activates self-adhesive membranes, fuses an 80mm wide lap, in a single pass, faster than hot air blowers, all from a standing position, so there’s no kneeling required. It also supports three hot air blowers through dedicated sockets for detailing. The Etorch MAX is designed for large roof areas, such as podium decks.

Jonathan Forbes-Brown, Managing Director and Creator at Imperial Thermal Engineering said: “We had superb feedback for the Etorch3, but we could see that a bigger and more powerful wheeled version would be needed to tackle larger roofs.

“The Etorch MAX uses all the great technology of the Etorch3 and is the only safe, green alternative to gas, with zero emissions.  As principal contractors focus on carbon reduction and lowering emissions, the Eseries equipment provides quick and easy solutions.

“Our mantra: intelligent thinking: clever design, is what Imperial Thermal Engineering does. We continue to work on new products and evolutions all the time. We don’t rest on our laurels; we innovate every day to bring new all-electric solutions to the construction industry!”


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