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New government ‘must support access businesses’, says TSA

The Scaffolding Association is calling on the new Prime Minister to better support scaffolding and access businesses, if it is to achieve its ambitious housing growth plan.

The Scaffolding Association (TSA) is the UK’s largest dedicated trade association representing the scaffolding and access industry, comprising 630 member businesses who employ half of the UK’s scaffolding contractor workforce.

TSA will write to the Prime Minister urging the new government to support the sector, as well as the wider construction industry, across several challenges.

While the government is likely to focus its immediate attention on the cost of living, health and social care, immigration and asylum, the environment, defence and security, education and crime, it is important that construction is not overlooked.

The new government has committed to build 1.5 million new homes during the next parliament and construction businesses are fundamental to achieving this ambitious manifesto commitment.

However, the industry is beset with challenges. Labour shortages, cash flow, prompt payment, procurement practices, net zero, rising costs of supplies, technology and digital transformation and material shortages are issues which will resonate with most construction businesses – particularly the 880,000 small and medium sized enterprises (SME’s) which operate within construction – more than any other industry. 

The new minister for the industry will be the 23rd incumbent since 2001 and the 12th to be given the job in the past five years. 

TSA Chief Executive, Robert Candy, said: “The new government provides an opportunity to reset what’s not working and to find practical solutions which industry can work towards and realistically achieve. The revolving door at the minister’s office has not been helpful and we need stability with a minister who can do the job that needs doing and who is going to remain in post long enough to make a difference. 

“We will be making this point clear in our letter to the Prime Minister as well as our commitment to work with and support all relevant government ministers and officials, to find solutions and achieve shared objectives.”


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