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New Housebuilders Hub launched to help ease Part L compliance pressure

by Jennie Ward

Following the changes to Part L of the building regulations, Knauf Insulation has launched a new Housebuilders Hub to provide housebuilders, developers and designers with support and guidance on how to achieve compliance.

Knauf Insulation has launched its new online ‘Housebuilders Hub’, providing tools and guidance to help housebuilders comply with the updated Approved Document L (ADL) building regulations.

The Hub is accessible via Knauf Insulation’s website, where housebuilders and their suppliers will find a range of free, practical resources, including example ADL-compliant whole-house recipes*, a Part L Guide, a U-value calculator and advice on different approaches to achieving compliance. 

Knauf Insulation says further resources will be added to the Hub over the coming months and visitors have the option to register for alerts, as these become available. In the long-term, the company says it plans to develop the platform further, and provide expert insights and practical information around a range of key industry topics, such as innovation and sustainability. The Hub is said to form part of Knauf Insulation’s ‘partnership’ approach, which offers support services to housebuilders, alongside the products they know and trust. 

“With changes to the regulations now in force, housebuilders are under pressure to adapt quickly”, explained James Hulbert, Head of Housing for Knauf Insulation. “We understand that different projects have different needs, so we’ve taken the opportunity to extend our support, by offering compliance advice and solutions to suit a broad range of scenarios.”

The Knauf Insulation Housebuilders Hub can be accessed here.

  • *Example recipes have been produced prior to the release of the latest SAP software and are intended for illustrative purposes only. These will be updated when the new software is released.

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