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New IoR CEO sets out ambitious strategy and vision for 2020 and beyond

by Matt Downs

A busy AGM saw Stuart Hicks, Chief Executive of the IoR, announce the Institute will pursue chartered status whilst working to increase levels of membership, engagement and retention, plus rebrand as it enters its 40thyear to ensure it is fit for today’s market…

There is a lot of work going on in the roofing sector and wider construction industry to attract school leavers and new entrants, and one of the key ways to do this is by showing potential new entrants there is a professional career path; you start here, but if you want to develop, here’s your route to progress your career.

Honorary Fellow Rodney G Cooke, FIoR, with Hon. President Gordon Penrose

As Stuart mentioned in his address at the recent Institute of Roofing (IoR) AGM, this has been at the core of the IoR since it was established 40 years ago: “The Institute of Roofing celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2020. It was founded by a group of like-minded professionals who wanted to answer the question: ‘What happens next for me in my professional career in roofing?’

And that goal still remains today, but in a busy, highly competitive and saturated market, Stuart recognises that remaining relevant and current is increasingly difficult, but even more important than ever: “If we are in a position where we are more well-known than relevant, then that is an issue; if we are more relevant than well known, we have created an opportunity and a reason for retaining and raising the standing and influence of our membership, and attracting the next generation of roofing professionals.”

At the centre of this strategy to grow membership and cement the position of the IoR is the “ambitious, long-term goal”, as Stuart calls it, of achieving Chartered status for the Institute of Roofing. This is something which Stuart acknowledges “at this moment in time isn’t possible”, but “with the right focus and management is achievable over time.”

So why is Chartered status so important and what will it mean for both the IoR and its members? Stuart explains that: “Research shows that organisations with Chartered status have over 3.5 times more income and 2.5 times more members than those that don’t.”

Student of the Year Patrick St John, AIoR with Hon. President Gordon Penrose

It’s clear that increased revenue and a larger membership enables a body to reinvest and add value for its members, as well increases its presence in the market, but Stuart points to the fact that as much as Chartered status is the goal, it is the process involved in getting to that point, and the issues this work will address which will build the momentum and increase awareness of the IoR: “Everything we do as an organisation from this point forward needs to be in line with and focus on that goal.  All our activities should focus on this long-term objective by providing the necessary building blocks that deliver: increased levels of membership and retention; increased revenue from membership and through our courses, services and events provided by the Institute and in partnership with our affiliates; a clear identity and vision of who we are, what we do, and our standing in the roofing industry; and utilising the full range of marketing tools at our disposal and within our budgets, to engage our members, attract new ones, and promote our thought leadership and professional level status.”

The push for relevance in today’s market is also highlighted by Stuart stating “there has never been a better time to consider a rebrand” for the IoR. He explained: “We’ve reached that point where our brand presentation has become outdated for the world we live in, and older than the new generation of members we need to target. We need to be desirable, relevant and promote a sense of professionalism and credibility that has its place in the 21st Century.”

Matthew Fry, FIoR, with Hon. President Gordon Penrose

The presentations and announcements at the AGM show that Stuart and the team have big plans and an even bigger task to achieve their ambitious goals for the IoR. There will be so much work going on behind the scenes to boost engagement with existing members, whilst at the same time looking to attract new members. The team will be working hard to ensure the IoR is relevant and has a strong position in today’s market, ensuring it provides tangible benefits for those who take steps to develop their career in roofing.

As Stuart concluded: “Simply having members is not enough; they must be engaged. We want those letters after their name to be sought after, recognised and cherished. Above all, we need to deliver value to our members based on their needs, and deliver professional qualifications and status that anyone working within roofing would want to aspire to achieve.”

To find out more about the IoR and what it can offer you, visit: https://www.instituteofroofing.org

Box out:

Elsewhere at the AGM, Hon. President Gordon Penrose presented the following awards:

  • Honorary Fellow: Rodney G Cooke, FIoR
  • Student of the Year: Patrick St John, AIoR
  • Special Commendation: Matt Oliver, AIoR
  • Special Recognition: Matthew Fry, FIoR

Confirmation of the Election 2019/20

  • Chair, IoR: Ian Letham, FIoR
  • Vice Chair: Kay Rose, FIoR
  • Honorary Treasurer: Alex Owens, FIoR


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