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New packaging improves handling for Ravatherm XPS X

by Matt Downs

Ravago Building Solutions has introduced new packaging – following consultation with customers – which makes it easier to offload and unpack its Ravatherm XPS X product.

“We listened to our customers, and as Ravago we implemented the changes,” says Richard Powell, Roofing Sales Manager at Ravago Building Solutions. “After studying how our customers were handling our products, we made some changes to the packaging so it is simpler to unload our deliveries and break them down into smaller sizes.”

The new packaging places the Ravatherm XPS X products into 15m3 bulk units, each containing eight pre-wrapped units, all bound with a thick outer wrap for protection during transportation. Once the unit is offloaded from the flatbed truck using a fork lift, it can be easily divided into two units by slitting the outer layer horizontally along the mid-point bearers, which have been placed so that the top one can be lifted off and set down. Each unit can then be separated vertically until there are eight packs, ready for handling with a forklift truck.

“This makes handling much easier and more convenient,” says Tony Lawther, Operations Director at roofing company Briggs Amasco. “We’re pleased that Ravago has listened to customers like us and come up with this solution.”

To make the changes, Ravago Building Solutions has invested heavily in a new packaging line at its manufacturing centre in King’s Lynn.

“It’s a true success in customer relations, where listening to our customers is the key,” says Powell. “We had been in discussions for some time and were delighted that Ravago installed the new packaging equipment so quickly after acquiring Dow Building Solutions European XPS business in December 2018. It demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing high quality services as well as products.”


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