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Next level knee protection

Snickers Workwear’s Kneeguard PRO system can help tradespeople stay comfortable on projects and protect against the long-term effects of working on your knees which can cause a lifetime of discomfort and restricted movement without proper protection…

Snickers Workwear’s Kneeguard is a market-leading, fully certified system for protecting knees against kneeling injuries and knocks at work.

Combining trademarked Kneeguard pads with the Kneeguard PRO positioning system in Snickers Workwear trousers is one of the most ergonomic solutions for effective knee protection.

Snickers Workwear has a range of eight Kneepads to fit different types of trousers and different jobs on site, such as the specialist Squarefit Kneepads for the Floorlayer trousers and the slim-fit Kneepads for street-smart slim-fit trousers, or the D30 Ergo kneepads that mould around your knee to provide enhanced impact protection. They’re great for tradesmen and women who spend a lot of time working on and off their knees, and who want to ensure maximum long-term comfort and wellbeing.

Snickers Workwear trousers come in five different leg lengths as standard, and what’s more the design of the kneepad pocket allows you to adjust the kneepads to different heights to ensure the correct positioning to maximise protection.

The long-term effects of working on your knees could cause a lifetime of discomfort and restricted movement without proper protection. Even the most innocuous bumps to the knees can result in reduced working efficiency and time off work, so check out Snickers Workwear’s Kneeguard PRO system, the market-leading alternative to help prevent long-term discomfort.


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