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Over 60 countries get interactive on #WGRD2022!  

by Jennie Ward

Rooftop tours and talks were just some of the ways green roofs were celebrated throughout the world on June 6th, as individuals and companies from over 60 countries came together to celebrate green roofs and associated systems on World Green Roof Day!

The organisers of World Green Roof Day, which took place on June 6th, have reported the day was a huge success with a number of impressive events taking place in cities throughout the world.

Now in its third year, World Green Roof Day was founded by green roof experts Chris Bridgman and Dusty Gedge, and is a global celebration of green roofs, blue roofs and biosolar roofs that showcases the benefits they bring to people, nature and the built environment, with live events taking place across the world and people getting involved on social media sharing images, videos and clips using the #WGRD2022.

World Green Roof Day takes place annually on June 6th.

The organisers have stated over 60 countries celebrated the official World Green Roof Day this year, from Brazil to New Zealand, and Norway to South Africa, as individuals and companies took the opportunity to showcase impressive green roofs of all sizes and highlight why they love them and their importance to their surroundings.

Lego green roofs were built and shared on #WGRD2022!

This year, in addition to the many other ways individuals could get involved with World Green Roof Day, the organisers put together new fun and engaging activities for people of all ages, providing the instructions so children and adults could work together to create a Lego green roof bus stop, a new Minecraft Challenge where individuals could build and share their dream green roof using the #WGRD2022, plus a downloadable World Green Roof Day poster was created for people to colour in and share on social media.

Colouring in the downloadable poster was one of the new ways participants could show their creative side this #WGRD2022!

Chris Bridgman, Co-Founder of  World Green Roof Day, explained: “These were all fun ways for adults and children to work together, or individually, and engage with World Green Roof Day. We’re seeing more green roof bus stops appearing in towns and cities throughout the UK, so creating your own in Lego is a fun way to increase awareness of these roadside additions, and hopefully help people understand that whilst they look pretty, they also bring all sorts of additional benefits to the area in terms of wildlife habitat and sustainability.

“Likewise, it was great to see what people came up with when they created their dream green roofs for the Minecraft Challenge! Alongside the downloadable poster, it was an opportunity to get creative, raise the profile of green roofs and get more people of all ages interested in them.”

Elsewhere, World Green Roof Day saw other key events taking place throughout the world, with worldwide participation from GRO members and their sister companies, including Sempergreen, Optigrun, Zinco, Bauder, and BMI Group who launched  a series of campaign videos in 19 different languages, whilst green roof federations from around the world also brought green roof owners, designers, manufacturers and growers together to celebrate. 

The Rotterdam Rooftop Walk launched the week prior to World Green Roof Day, and has enjoyed over 150,000 visitors since opening; plus, rooftop tours in Israel and Jerusalem are also taking place, showcasing the importance of roof space for people and nature.

World Green Roof Day also saw the YMCA Milton Keynes launch its new green rooftop to its staff and residents, supported by MK Council, and developer Socius also used World Green Roof Day to announce their proposal for one of the UK’s highest biosolar roofs on the MK Gateway development.

The organisers say green roof workshops and knowledge sharing also took place in Kuwait, and Hungarian green roof product manufacturer Diadem delivered a construction workshop to 20 building and civil engineering professionals from Kazakhstan on the day.

Closer to home, the Rooftop Revolution was active on World Green Roof Day using #lookup to continue its push to unlock the potential of flat roof spaces with nature-based solutions implemented within all new and retrofit construction projects, whilst Ravago released a new video focused on the green and blue roofs at two newly occupied London residential developments – The Forge in Upton Park, and Unity Place, part of the South Kilburn Regeneration Programme. Dakakker – Europe’s largest rooftop farm – also celebrated 10 years of growing!

Looking forward to next year’s event – 6th June 2023 – Chris Bridgman explained: “We would encourage as many businesses and individuals to open up their rooftops to the public around the globe to safely demonstrate and showcase the multiple benefits of roof greening for climate action, biodiversity, health and wellbeing. Please save the date – 6th June 2023 – and celebrate with us!”

This is just a small taste of what went on this World Green Roof Day 2022, find out more at www.greenroofs.com or

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