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PermaRoof UK expands its offering with new self-adhesive RubberGutter EPDM solution

by Jennie Ward

The RubberGutter solution is said to be a time saving, self-adhered rubber waterproofing membrane designed for guttering and valleys, and is said to be “a reliable choice for industry professionals.”

PermaRoof UK, part of PermaGroup, has announced it is further increasing its range to include the RubberGutter EPDM SA system. 

The company says the time saving, self-adhered rubber waterproofing membrane is designed for guttering and valleys and it has been launched in response to merchant demand for quicker to install, longer lasting solutions that can be offered at the trade counter. 

Understanding that applying adhesive on site can be time consuming, often needing additional specialist tools, and will not always leave the best aesthetic finish – PermaRoof UK has invested in supplying the RubberGutter EPDM to answer these concerns. To do this, the synthetic EPDM rubber waterproofing membrane features unique secure bond technology that ensures an edge to edge clean, uniform and strong adhesion.

When applied in conjunction with guttering products to buildings, the company says it is proven to improve the longevity of the system as its high elasticity allows for expansions and contractions of metal gutters and concrete. The membrane is also designed to ensure no cracking or splitting takes place over time and has excellent resistance to UV exposure and extreme weather conditions.

PermaRoof’s latest product, RubberGutter, being installed – Copyright Firestone.

Sunny Lotay, National Commercial Manager at PermaRoof Commercial, said: “We’re pleased to be able to bring the RubberGutter EPDM to the market for our customers. One of the many benefits of the new system is that it is quick and easy to install. It has been developed to not require any special tools, making it an efficient system to work with for roofing installers. Additionally, it can be applied at any time of the year, even when conditions are below freezing, furthering its convenience to contractors on site.

Sunny Lotay.

“Sustainability is at the forefront of the construction industry at present and the RubberGutter is vastly more environmentally friendly to comparable systems, due to the fact a bonding adhesive is not necessary, ensuring it’s in line with industry sustainability goals.

“We’re excited to provide yet another innovative product, which can help merchant teams to save customers a lot of money, and time in the long-term.”

In partnership with Firestone Building Products, PermaRoof UK says it has introduced the RubberGutter system to provide metal gutters a secondary protective layer, and consequently an enhanced service life.

While the product is easy to install, PermaRoof Commercial also trains and provides a list of PermaRoof Registered installers (PRIs) through its website for those seeking additional support. This ensures a seamless installation from a certified professional that customers can trust.

Adrian Buttress.

Adrian Buttress, Managing Director of PermaGroup, said: “We know that our merchant partners and contractor customers are always looking for faster solutions which supply ease of installation. That’s why we’re continually searching for products that allow us to better support them – and with the RubberGutter system, we have achieved just that. This is thanks to how agile the product is, and with less waste than other alternatives it is a reliable choice for industry professionals.

“We will continue to add to our product range to make sure we are always providing the most comprehensive solutions for merchants, at the best possible price.”


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