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Permavent expands roofing range

by Jennie Ward

Permavent is expanding its range of roofing products with the release of a new GRP roofing system that provides the perfect solution to the construction industry for flat roofs.

The Diamond GRP System has been specially formulated for use in roofing applications.
Traditionally, GRP systems were designed for marine use, such as boats and aquatic tanks, the company says. When applied to a roof the finished result was often brittle and unforgiving, lacking the required durability and flexibility which, in turn, decreased the overall life expectancy.

The formula of Permavent’s Diamond GRP eliminates these issues, with advanced bonding characteristics and superior flexibility.

Diamond GRP’s strength, versatility and waterproofing makes it suitable for use in areas that experience extreme weather conditions and frequent footfall, meaning it can be specified for use on walkways and balconies.

The range has also been designed to be easy and intuitive to install all year round, with excellent UV resistance.

No seams, joints or welds are required, so Diamond GRP can create an attractive aesthetic finish. The lack of seams and welds also reduces labour time for the contractor and removes potential points of water ingress.

Permavent is offering the Diamond GRP system with a 25-year materials guarantee.

The system includes base resins, topcoats, matting, trims and accessories, as well as specialised products including a fire retardant topcoat, accessory kits, and a 10m2 Roof Kit all in one box.


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