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Protect your van and tools this winter

ARMD, the anti-tool theft specialists dedicated to protecting tradespeople’s livelihoods, has warned the industry that as darker winter evenings draw in, tool theft increases dramatically. Looking at the insurance claims made by the trade, the winter months are the busiest months for insurance claims by tradespeople who have fallen victim to tool theft.

“Winter provides the veil of darkness thieves use to break into vans. The ARMD tool insurance and smart van alarm are a great first line of defence, but there are other things you can do to make it tough for the bad guys. Don’t leave your van with the engine running when de-icing it, remember to lock your van and make sure you have some visible deterrent like stickers to show the thieves the van is alarmed,” said Stephen Holland, co-Founder of ARMD.

He continued: “It is really important hard-working tradespeople take control now and get their kit insured and their vans protected against these horrible thefts. When your livelihood is at stake, in just a few clicks you can have the peace of mind that should the worst happen, you will be back on the tools in days or even hours, rather than weeks.”

ARMD enables tradespeople to quickly insure and protect their business. They can register their tool inventory for free with the ARMD app, and the ARMD Guard Smart Van Alarm and Tracker is engineered to safeguard tools and equipment.

Stephen continued: “One of ARMD Guard’s standout features for the darker evenings is its silent alert system. In the unfortunate event of a break-in, where your van is out of sight or is masked in darkness, the ARMD Guard discreetly calls you while the criminals are in action, without them knowing. This allows you to take swift action and call the police, potentially leading to the capture of the culprits in the act and the recovery of your stolen tools.”

Its key benefits are tailored to address the specific needs of tradespeople, ensuring that tools remain safe and secure. The Plug and Play alarm can be set up within a few minutes, with no technical knowledge required. It is simply plugged into and powered by the OBD port in the van, remaining operational without draining the battery. The passive infrared sensor goes in the back and watches over your tools looking for movement.

ARMD also has some further simple tips to keep tools and vans safe during the winter:

  • Choose your spot: The nights are drawing in now and you might find you’ll be returning to your van after nightfall. Don’t get caught out by parking your van in what seems a well-lit spot by day but ends up being a quiet, secluded place by night. You want it to be hard for criminals to approach your van without being noticed, so it’s worth taking a few extra minutes to find a spot that’s busy and bright no matter what time of day.
  • Block it out: Consider installing security grilles or window tints to obscure the view inside your van, preventing potential thieves from easily seeing what’s inside.
  • Get it hidden: You can create hidden compartments inside your van or use vaults to store valuables or tools. These compartments can be designed to blend in with the interior, making it harder for thieves to find them.
  • Remove the key bags or cases that you could not work without from your vehicle in the evening and bring them into your house.
  • Anti-Tamper Screws: Replace standard screws with anti-tamper screws on doors, windows and other entry points. These screws are designed to be more difficult to remove without the proper tools.
  • Add additional security features: Consider additional security features like deadbolt locks and steering wheel locks and apply decals or stickers that show your van is equipped with an advanced security system. Thieves love an easy target – make sure your van isn’t one.
  • DNA mark your tools so they have a better chance of being returned if they are found. Register them and their serial numbers in the free to use ARMD tool inventory app.


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