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Ready to up its game

by Matt Downs

Flex-R has launched a new silicone liquid coating product that it believes could be a ‘game-changer’ for the flat roofing industry.

The company signed a deal with General Electric Silicones (GE Silicones) to bring GE Enduris to the UK market, and launch trials are said to be proving a huge success.

Flex-R’s Trading Director Duncan Winter is confident that GE Enduris will carve out a niche in the flat roofing market.

“It’s a bold statement to make, but the team at Flex-R are all really excited about the potential impact of GE Enduris in being a game-changer for the UK flat roofing market,” said Mr Winter.

“GE Enduris has a proven track record of performance, with decades of experience in the USA and Latin America. Since we signed the agreement with GE Silicones last year, we’ve put the product through rigorous testing and also worked closely with some of our SRIs on a selected number of installations.

“We’ve put it through its paces and really can’t see a downside for this product for two key reasons. The first is the speed at which it can be installed, especially using a spraying system. The second is that it’s designed to coat existing roofing materials such as felt – which means roofing contractors don’t have to tear off and send the old system to landfill.”

As a silicone roof coating, GE Enduris is a fast, efficient and economical solution that provides decades of durability because it stops leaks, improves performance and extends roof life with a single-coat, primer-less application.

It can be applied to most existing roof types, including bituminous membranes, single ply (TPO, PVC and EPDM), concrete and metal.

The GE Enduris system is able to withstand extreme fluctuating conditions, with proven performance in all climates: cold, wet, hot and dry. It can be rolled, brushed or sprayed in temperatures as low as -17°C – without freezing – and as high as 49°C.

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