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Roofing Advisor is key to new roofer friendly website

by Jennie Ward

Onduline’s new site “helps roofers save time and money in selecting what they need.”

Selecting the right materials has been made even easier for roofing contractors, OEMs and other construction professionals, thanks to a special ‘Roofing Advisor’ feature introduced on the new, updated Onduline Building Products website.

By answering a few simple questions customers are shown the appropriate products, and where a range of options are available a comparison tool then helps them make the final choice.

As well as the product selection aids, the new website contains ‘all a roofing professional needs to know’, including in-depth fixing guides and technical information, CAD details, project checklists and expert advice on topics from wind loads to avoiding condensation.

There are also helpful ‘how to’ videos, case studies on major projects and a trade distributor locator to find the nearest Onduline stockist.

There is even a simulator that enables the user to see a specific roofing solution in place on a number of building types, along with choosing the right colour from the Onduline product range.

Nisha Kumar, Head of Marketing for the lightweight roofing solutions specialist, said: “With everyone working hard to get the economy moving again, anything that helps roofing contractors save time and money in selecting what they need will be beneficial.

“The Roofing Advisor and Product Comparison features mean they can get to the product they need in just a few clicks, and the installation guides and technical data sheets are all downloadable, so they can keep that information with them.

“This was a significant investment but we feel it is worth it as it will serve our customers even better, and it is part of a much broader strategy to get close to the people and markets who look to Onduline as a leading provider of quality roofing solutions and plastics for buildings.”


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